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Mac Miller, the recording artist whose full name is Malcolm McCormick, recently died in his L.A home on Friday 7th Sept.

Although the Los Angeles Country Coroners Office reports are still pending, it's assumed the diagnosis of his death was due to a drug overdose. Miller had discussed his misuse of drugs in interviews, while his song lyrics and past behaviour also seems to point to Miller having drug problems. When his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, left the singer earlier this year, she said the relationship was 'toxic' and that she was "fed up having to mother him to keep him sober".

In May, Miller was also arrested in LA in connection with a car crash and was later charged with a DUI and reports of a hit and run.

Miller had just released his latest album, Swimming, this summer that hit No.3 on the Billboard 200 lists of top albums and was due to go on a US tour next month. His last tweet was his anticipation of the tour saying he wished it started "tomorrow".

Since Friday, celebrities have taken to social media to send condolences to Mac Miller's family and to share their sorrow of the late Mac Miller. Ariana Grande has also paid tribute on Instagram with a photo she presumably took.

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Watch the video below of one of his new songs from his Swimming album called Come Back to Earth.

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