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Following a recipe seems simple. If it's in your native language, or at least a language that you understand, sure. What if a recipe got lost in translation… 20 times?

Tasty put one of their staff members up to the task of making a recipe that’s been translated 20 times. They used Google Translate, and it went from English to Chinese to Gaelic to Romanian to Greek and so many more languages, then back to English.

What did they end up with? A hilarious video of staffer, Jasmine, trying to make Strawberry King King – or that’s what the name has been translated to.

Jasmine had to figure out that "skin" is parchment paper, a "sack" is actually a glass bowl, "colourless and tender" is translated terms for light and fluffy, and "separating" means sifting.

We would have been completely lost, so we're very impressed with Jasmine and her translated baking skills.

Even though she admitted "I don't know what I’m doing", she made an almost perfect Strawberry Charlotte Royale.

Watch the Tasty video until the end to see how well she did when they compare her translated dessert to the original dessert.

Image credit: Food and Cake

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