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A Luxury Cruise Ship called Crystal Serenity has a permanent guest onboard, 90-year-old Mama Lee Wachstetter, and can you blame her? Especially when considering that everything, from cooking to cleaning, is taken care of for you every day.

And, even her house mortgage, car payments and insurance are a thing of the past for the adventurous Mama Lee. It seems like a dream to retire on a cruise ship, right?

So, how did Mrs Wachstetter decide that she would retire on the Crystal Serenity? She and her late husband, Mason, took over one hundred cruises together before he died in 1997, and the last thing he said to her, which was the day before he died, was "don't you quit cruising".

Mrs Wachstetter started frequently cruising, however, she expressed in a CBS interview that she grew exhausted from packing and unpacking, so she had to ask herself if there was a better way to continue cruising aboard a cruise ship, and the answer was why leave at all?

She sold her house, car and most of her belongings to become a permanent resident aboard Crystal Cruises. Mama Lee has now done over 240 cruises all over the world and visited hundreds of ports, but where the ship is going, Mama Lee does not care.

Mama has her fill of dancing every single day, describing her typical routine, in retirement on a ship, saying, "I get up late, then have breakfast. I stay on the ship. Then I have lunch, followed by a nap."

Sometimes she gets her hair and nails done in the spa. And she attends all of the dancing venues throughout the day, so she can trip the light fantastic. On Crystal, there is a daily dance lesson at 13:30, followed by dancing at 17:15 in the Palm Court with the Crystal band, after which there is dancing at 19:45 until midnight in Palm Court. This gives Mama plenty of opportunity to waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, tango, waltz, rumba, jive and samba.

There's just one drawback to living well on a luxury cruise ship says Mama with a laugh, "I never know what day it is – or the date."

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