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Hansruedi Ramsauer is a digital artist. It wasn't always like that, though. You see, Hansruedi left behind his 20-year career in the financial sector to follow his dream to start his own web design company. 

After learning more about the field and mastering Adobe Photoshop, his life turned around. "In order to better meet customer requirements, I made up my mind to learn Photoshop and post a self-created picture on social networks every day."

He let his creativity take over, making some incredible masterpieces. Hansruedi soon became known to the world and is now a well-regarded digital artist with a large following on Instagram. 

"What was meant to be an exercise quickly led to a large following on Instagram @swissgo4design. Social media stars took notice of me. Joint projects were launched, and art magazines began to report on my work. I received orders from brands like Hyundai Genesis, Columbia Sportswear, The Ocean Agency or Adobe Photoshop."

His work varies from cityscapes that seem ripped from Inception to surreal compositions combining people and nature. Each photo manipulation, or editing, is expertly blended and full of detail.

Starting his work, Ramsauer was first inspired by the images he saw on Unsplash and Instagram, which led to his experimentation and addiction to creating unique compositions. "I love to look at photos and imagine what I could do with them." 

Ramsauer's work seems primarily driven by urban landscape and nature. In some images, bustling city streets are dropped into puddles. In other cases, a suspended bridge leads right into the side of a mountain. It's these contrasts that make his digital manipulations visually striking.

One might say that Ramsauer's work is an extension of Surrealism. This means that it is where the unconscious mind was responsible for creation. 

Some days he's led by where his creativity takes him, while others are not that easy. This openness to going where the work takes him is perhaps owed to his personal philosophy that perspective is everything. 

"When you have a negative perspective on something, you can't probably change the 'something', but you can question your negative perspective. The perspective is always part of the problem and will always be part of the solution. That's why I like to play with perspectives in my work."

His achievement is an inspiration. Scroll down to see more of Hansruedi Ramsauer's artwork. 

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