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To most of us, our pets are one of our real children, and we would do anything to help them. Especially when your little furry baby has reached the age where they are suffering from all sorts of pain, or don’t have the strength to climb stairs anymore. 

One man named Liam Thompson who loves his 20-year-old orange cat named Frodo, went as far as to build a home elevator for his furry friend. Little Frodo started having trouble to get up and down the steep outdoor stairs which led to his favourite spot in the sun. Because he loves his cat so much, and couldn’t bare to see him struggle to get to his favourite spot, Thompson decided to make things easier by building this clever contraption. The new installed elevator would safely carry the feline up and down the flight of steps.

Thompson’s custom cat elevator is made out of a small box-shaped cart that slides up and down a pair of rails. The whole apparatus is controlled by an electric hoist that raises and lowers the platform itself. Thompson shared the video on YouTube which you can watch here. 

This might just be one of the cutest contraptions ever built for a little furry friend to help them. And there is no doubt that this will be a lot of help too little Frodo. 

This is however not the first custom device Thompson has built for little Frodo. He’s also made the walking-averse cat a Roomba Chariot and a special cat train which he captioned “I LIKE SPOILING MY CAT SUE ME.”

No one can blame him for treating his best friend as a prince and helping him have an easier life as he gets old. 

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