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After a decade since the tragic events of the earthquake and tsunami which triggered the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, a loyal man named Sakae Kato, has rescued several cats left behind by refugees. 

Kato says he takes care of 41 cats on his property and he has already buried 23  cats in his garden. He also rescued a dog named Pochi. Before the accident, Mr. Kato had a small construction business on land  his family had owned for his three generations.

His country ties were part of what prompted him to stay while 160,000 were evacuated. Kato says  his decision was confirmed after finding dead pets in an abandoned house and realising that those left behind had someone  to take care of them.

Now Kato spends his days without running water in a small remote village. Every day he goes to public toilets  and  fills bottles with water from a spring in the nearby mountains. Despite living such a simple life for himself, Kato says he spends about $7,000 a month on his animals. In addition to Pochi and the cats that live in it, Kato also leaves warm food for wild cats on his property. He even feeds a wild boar that roams freely in the area. Devotion to the  boar put Kato in trouble with the law.

On February 25, 2021, he was arrested after allegedly releasing a wild boar caught in a trap set by the Japanese government. (At this time, it is not clear if he is still in custody.) After his arrest, neighbours began tending to  the vets on his property. When he returns, he will definitely continue his work of caring for the forgotten Fukushima pets.

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