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Being a chef usually requires terrific talents and skills to pull off the perfect dish. But how far will you go to make the perfect dish or, in other words, pull of the most unique dish ever?

To what do you give the credit when you've made an incredible dish? Maybe it's the secret spice you've thrown in for some extra kick, or perhaps it's the Smeg stove you've used to cook your delish juicy lamb leg. 

Or maybe it's the hot sizzling Lava you have been cooking over.

Have you never heard of cooking over some lava rocks before? Maybe because that's the secret to David Garcia's, an enterprising man in southern Guatemala, amazing pizzas. David is now running a successful and unique on-site pizza business at the very active Pacaya Volcano. He decided to make use of the beautiful and hot eruptions to start his pizza business. 

He aptly named it Pizza Pacaya and prepares a wide variety of pizza pies baked in the flowing lava on smouldering rocks. Garcia also offers several pasta dishes, which he also prepares with the warms of the lava flowing in the area.

Garcia prepares and spreads the dough for the pizza in his improvised kitchen among sharp volcanic rocks. After forming the pizza dough, David adds the ingredients needed for the pizza before placing it in a rather unique oven. An extensive river of fiery lava, flowing from the furious Pacaya volcano in southern Guatemala, provides the heat.

To find out more from the man himself, then check out the AFP News Agency YouTube video here.

Image: Daily Mail

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