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HBO Max recently released the reunion of their all-time favourite series, Friends. Almost immediately, it has seen huge ratings and a lot of attention from the streaming audience over the last week.

Despite seeing our six favourite characters on the screen again, they also surprised us with various appearances from stars such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and others.

Usually, the internet would have been flooded with new memes from the reunion show. But, it seems that the special initially failed to capture the internet's attention and didn't spark a significant meme. However, that has since changed, with a still image from one of our favourite characters, Joey. Joey is played by Matt LeBlanc and has got a lot of attention on social media.

Many viewers online couldn't help but notice a particular position LeBlanc took while sitting on the couch in some scenes. Also, his posture when the group was back in a recreation of the original set playing a trivia game.

For many, the goofy Joey seems to have changed into a responsible adult. Many pointed out that he looked like an adult at a family party. More specifically, for a large group, an Irish uncle at a family gathering. 

In no time, that image was used as a meme on social media. Some people added comments like "Irish uncle", with specific sayings and phrases to make hilarious viral memes. We wonder what Joey would think about Matt's hilarious memes...

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