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Sumo wrestling is Japan's biggest sport, and the country is totally in love with it. They've been doing it for 1,500 years, so they're obviously crazy about it.

Now, imagine a young prodigy rising up the ranks in this beloved national sport. That's why there's so much fuss being made about a 10-year-old called Kyuta Kumagai.

He's twice the size of other kids his age, weighing a whopping 85 kilograms.

Reuters reports that he's so dominant that he wrestles, and beats, boys five or six years older than him. Last year, he was crowned the under 10 world champ.

Kyuta trains six days per week and eats about 4,000 calories per day – that includes a litre of milk every single day.

While we're not so sure about wrestling in an underpants thingy while not under the influence of a few cold ones, Kyuta's dad is dead serious about the whole situation.

He told Reuters that he's investing in his son and, since he doesn't gamble, he's putting everything he got on his son's talent and career. No pressure, Kyuta. No pressure.

Watch the Reuters video below for more on Kyuta and his rise in the world of sumo wrestling.

Image credit: Indian Express

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