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Around the world, you get all types of accommodation. From houses and apartments, to lofts, studios and warehouses.

When asked in what type of accommodation Bruce Campbell would like to stay, he went with the ‘none of the above’ option.

That’s because Bruce stays in an old airplane. Not just an average one though, it’s a 727, so it’s got a lot of space. Well, as much living space something like a plane can offer.

You enter the plane from the rear staircase which is retractable. As you enter, you’ll find Bruce’s living space.

It contains a shower, two working toilets (remember this was a plane that used to carry hundreds of passengers), a futon couch that doubles up as a bed, Bruce’s kitchen and a bench where he spends a lot of time working on, well, plane stuff.

Bruce admits that he’s been asked a few times if the plane had crashed where it’s currently located and if Bruce simply decided to refurbish it there and then. He seems to think it’s an odd question. We think the fact that you’re living in a plane is odd, Bruce.

But hey, each to his own, right? Although we can’t stop thinking… when he invites guests over for dinner, does he ask them if they want chicken or beef?

Watch the Great Big Story video below to meet the man who lives in an airplane.

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