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The Seabreacher is a mixture between a fighter jet and a jet ski. Basically, it’s a match made in water adventure heaven.

This semi-submersible jet ski looks like a bionic shark that allows you to go over, under and through waves just like a fish.

Thrillist reports that the Seabreacher is equipped with a small glass-covered cockpit resembling that of a fighter jet’s. It’s controlled using both joysticks and foot pedals, and can pull off some insane stunts. Specifically, you can make it dive and cruise below the water’s surface, then pull back and shoot out like a breaching whale.

Although it’s not meant to go further down than 1.8 metres below the water, it can perform a 360-degree barrel roll, just in case you were hoping to add even more of an adrenalin rush to the ride.

Seabreacher’s website says that the new patented fully vectored thrust system mimics the tail articulation of real aquatic animals like sharks and dolphins.

Supercar Blondie recently travelled to Dubai to test drive the Seabreecher with Manea, the jet ski and fly-boarding world champ.

Her whole adventure got us all excited, and the thought of buying one of these bad boys might have come to mind, until we heard that they go for around $100,000! OK, scrap the buying idea then.

Watch Supercar Blondie’s video below to see how she enjoyed the Seabreecher’s test drive.

Image credit: Pinterest

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