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Meteorologist Lisa Michaels from KFVS News in Missouri decided to bring something extra for the viewers. To celebrate the Halloween season Lisa created a special green screen costume  which gave the illusion that she is floating on a cloud on screen.

Michaels’ costume was made of a fluffy cloud which appears to be made of cotton wool, that was wrapped around her waist, and a green screen fabric as a skirt, which made her legs disappear on camera. “I don’t want to give away my design secrets, but I can tell you that I used lots of hot glue and fiberfill in addition to green fabric to give the appearance of my floating when in front of the green screen.”

In order to also celebrate her profession during holiday, Michaels though her costume would showcase both. “My inspiration is a culmination of costumes that I have seen through the years. Being an Atmospheric Scientist, I wanted to incorporate a weather-related theme to engage the viewers while presenting the weather.”

The funny meteorologist also shared her interesting outfit online on herFacebook page and wrote, “Forecasting from the clouds this morning. Happy Halloween!” Her images has reached over thousands of views and received countless comments from those who appreciate her creativity. 

One viewer named Lon Reams wrote, “The green screen pants were a great touch! If you do this again, perhaps add in randomly flashing LEDs into the cotton to represent lightning.”

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