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Mike Tyson goes undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter, and answers some of his fans questions.

Mike Tyson is a former professional boxer who started his career in 1985 and retired in 2005, and is known for being the first to hold the WBA, WBC and the IBF title at the same time!

Mike Tyson nowadays spends most of his time at his home town of Seven Hills, Nevada, and likes to lead a healthy lifestyle after converting to veganism. Mike has also been married three times and has seven children, but tragically, one passed away in 2009. Since then, Mike Tyson has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Mike Tyson also recently announced being sober for two years and has taken responsible and drastic measures to improve his life.

YouTube channel, GQ Sports, got Mike Tyson to hop onto some social media and participate in their "actually me" vlog, whereby Mike answers questions that are lurking around online about him, whether it's about his personal life or his legendary career.

Anything from Mike Tyson biting off Evander Holyfield's ear right through to Mike Tyson's weed farm, they are all answered by the famous world champion boxer himself.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, GQ Sports, on Mike Tyson goes undercover on Reddit Twitter and YouTube.

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