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The bond between as military dog and his soldier handler is

life and death. This was seen during the emotional moment when a military dog refused to let its handler leave as the officer retired in China.

The sweet canine, named Da Mao, was seen running after the soldier before wrapping its paws around the soldier. The canine was trying to stop him from walking out of the barracks.

The three-year-old golden retriever became inseparable from his trainer, Jia Chuan. The two had worked side-by-side for two years, and now had to say goodbye.  

After serving the Chinese army for eight years, Chuan was due to retire. As Chuan was preparing to leave the camp, the officer bid an emotional farewell to Da Mao. Da Mao was also the first search and rescue dog he had trained.

Chuan and the four-legged partner shared a strong bond for the past two years and, after handing Da Mao over to his colleague, the officer is seen in the video petting his furry comrade one last time before walking away.

However, the canine appeared to try and stop its trainer from leaving, running towards the man after breaking free from the leash. Da Mao then jumped into Chuan’s arms while wrapping its paws around him, refusing to let the officer go.

As its new trainer tried to lead the dog away, Da Mao just kept running back to the retiring soldier.

This heart-warming moment was filmed at an undisclosed location and touched the hearts of many after it was shared online.

One comment said "This is making me cry. Can they let the officer have the dog?" Another added, "The adorable dog knows everything! Best wishes to the veteran."


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