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For 11 hilarious years, the Modern Family cast members were welcomed into our homes once a week. It's as if they made real life, and the drama that goes with it, look like more fun than we could ever imagine having.

While the sitcom was a massive hit, it almost wasn't. Here are some behind the scenes info about Modern Family, and how it could've looked completely different.

Julie Bowen almost didn't accept the role of Claire because she was pregnant with twins at the time. When filming started, she was eight and a half months pregnant. If you watch closely, you can see just how far along pregnant she was during the pilot episode.

Can you imagine anyone else but Ed O'Neill playing the part of Jay? The legendary actor was the producers' first choice when it came to casting Jay. Craig T. Nelson was initially offered the role, but he declined saying the money wasn't good enough. Little did he know that the cast members of Modern Family would one day become the highest-paid actors in modern television.

If plans weren't changed, then Modern Family would've been an animation. Producers were scared that kids weren't going to like the show if humans were in it, so they thought they would be able to get their attention if they made it into an animation. Luckily that never happened.

Watch the OSSA Movies video below for more behind the scenes info about Modern Family.

Image credit: Hollywood Reporter

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