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Pregnancy is a very special and wonderful time for many expectant parents, and what makes that even more special is sharing the experience. “Mama, wife, and lover of life,” Lauren Maners found a very special bond with her foster cat named Dove, who happened to be pregnant at the same time.

Near the end of her pregnancy Lauren made her “no more fostering for now” decision. However one day she spotted an injured cat at the side of the road and knew she had to help her. After closer inspection they discovered that the cat was heavily pregnant, too. Lauren immediately felt she had a connection with the feline.

The two moms-to-be began to form a close friendship.“Me and Dove bonded instantly. It was like she could sense that I was a friend and was there to help. She wouldn’t let my husband even get near her but she would jump up in my lap.” 

“I would brush her fur and give her pets. She eventually warmed up to all other humans as well but in the beginning it was only me.”

Lauren revealed the double pregnancy on Instagram, writting, “Had an exclusive Pregnant Girls Club meeting with my newest rescue, Dove. Anyone want to guess who’s going to pop first?” 

But little did she know that they both was going to pop at the same time. When Lauren returned from the hospital to give birth to her daughter, Kylie, she discover that Dove too had welcomed her six babies into the world. “They were very possibly born at the same time.”

“When my daughter was 5 weeks old, she began to notice the kittens when I would carry her in there with them to help me feed them and give them some attention. The kittens were also very curious about my daughter as well.”

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