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Prepare yourself for the funniest video you'll see today. It's MTV's Ridiculousness best of fails edition!

In this edition of MTV's Ridiculousness, they showcase the best fails videos they've broadcast over the years. The best part is the commentary from the show's hosts and special guests.

Often, their sections relate to their guest, so snowboarding fails when a champion snowboarder is on the couch. Other categories include losing teeth, people in bikini's feeling the pain, and uncoordinated dudes doing the scorpion.

The amount of pain people inflict on themselves, and sometimes others, is cringingly good, it'll have you in stitches. The videos in slow motion are fun to watch, especially at the point of impact.

As it says on their YouTube channel, "If there’s one thing we never get sick of, it’s watching people try to do something spectacular and fail miserably. Thankfully, the Ridiculousness crew is with us on that and provides endless clips of people trying their best and really not succeeding".

So, what more do you need? This video is long, so get yourself a drink and some popcorn, settle in and enjoy the best fails edition of MTV's Ridiculousness.

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