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The creative people of The Brick Wall has yet again amazed their audience with a clever working LEGO design.

The Brick wall has previously dazzled their followers with a very creative Lego pizza factory. Yes, a working Lego pizza factory. The impressive Lego factory did all the work from spreading the tomato base to placing the topics. And off course, cutting the pizza when it comes out of the oven.

The creative team also introduced their edible lego car factory creation. The team set up their ‘machinery’ made out of Lego’s, which created little cars out of cucumbers and carrots.

The Lego factory went through the whole process of cutting the four wheels, making holes and placing the four wheels, and creating a seat for the Lego driver. 

This time the team wowed their viewers with an amazing automated LEGO Pancake Factory. The whole set up cracks the eggs into a bowl, mixes in the milk and flour, and pours the batter into a waiting pan oiled by a separate LEGO robot. There is even another robot which flips the pancakes and cooking it just to perfection.

“Imagine breakfast time and a Lego robot cooks and delivers your favourite pancake breakfast meal. Now you can have that with The Brick Wall invention.”

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