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Covid has been a very hard time for everyone, especially when world wide lockdown happened and everyone was forced to spend a huge amount of time in doors. While being stuck a home due to COVID, director Adam Chitayat had to come up with a way to view the beautiful outdoors as he was desperate to go outside. And what better way that creating videos. 

Chitayat created an incredible timelapse music video which he constructed entirely out of Google Street View images, using it to illustrate the Axel Bowman song “Out Sailing”.

"I started crafting a project using entirely Google Maps Streetview Images. I viewed and downloaded the world from my desk, finding amazing spaces, altering, hand tracking and creating timelapses and shots.”

“I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the material. Until I heard the latest album from Axel Boman. ..Here was a song from one of my favorite artists with such a propulsive and idealistic reaching out towards the wider world. Letting the wind take us, with love as the sail, a blur of adventure.”

Bowman loved how the video represented his work as well as the amazing song.

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