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Since NASA's Juno space probe first landed on the beautiful Jupiter in 2016, it has provided various of information and details about the solar system's largest planet. 

The Juno Cam has also provided stunning photographs taken by the probe of the planet which has allowed the public to see incredible visuals of Jupiter. There was however one image in particular that NASA has highlighted from Juno's 25th flyby of the planet which is also known as a perijove. 

Standing out from first sight are two thin lines that move up Jupiter from top to bottom. However what are those stripes really?These bands were first noticed by researchers since Juno's first close flyby in 2016, and was described by NASA as “layers of haze particles that float above the underlying cloud features.” 

Even though scientists aren't exactly sure what they are they are turning to location of the band which they hope may give us insight into what they're made of and how they form. 

In one of the photographs, the lines are flanked by two jet streams in Jupiter's atmosphere. Some researchers believe that these jet streams could influence the formation of the haze.

This image of Jupiter is one of many images processed from RAW data by the JunoCam. As we all know NASA publishes their incredible images from their rovers and satellites regularly and allow the public to process them and post them back to NASA. 

A Citizen scientist who also worked on the Jupiter images, Gerald Eichstädt, regularly contributes to helping out. His excellent work helps transform the RAW images into visually pleasing work for the public.

Another photo taken during perijove 25 is also stunning and was processed by Eichstädt and Seán Doran, who also regularly contributes. The photo shows a closeup detail of Jupiter's swirling clouds which, as you can imagine is breath taking. 

People can also visit NASA's dedicated Juno website to see more incredible images of the amazing giant planet.

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