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For some time now, global warming has been a stressing issue around the world. The pressing issue that affects everyone may be hard to notice right now as there are still polar ice caps, but the effects are there seeing that more and more icebergs are melting down and plummeting into the ocean. 

Recently National Geographic created a series of maps which illustrates how the world would look if all the ice on the planet melted away. 

The maps shockingly revealed that when there are no ice caps left there would be far fewer land masses above sea level. With all the glacial bodies liquefying, a rise in water levels by 216 feet would be present. And as a result of sea levels rising, many continents' current coastal areas would submerge together.

National Geographic explained that, “There are more than five million cubic miles of [ice], and no one really knows how long it would take to melt it all. Probably more than 5,000 years, some scientists says. But if we burn all the earth's supply of coal, oil, and gas, adding some five trillion more tons of carbon to the atmosphere, we'll create a very hot planet, with an average temperature of perhaps 80 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the current 58. Large swaths of it might become too hot for humans. And it would likely be ice free for the first time in more than 30 million years.”

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