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This Yorkshire-based artist named James Brunt found his creativity in sticks, stones, and other natural materials to create elaborate ephemeral art. 

By creatively using nature as a canvas, He makes unique creations of contemporary art. These artworks often feature intricate mandalas, infinite spirals, and one-of-a-kind sculptures.

To create his impermanent installations, Brunt uses materials found on-site. He produces his land art in various locations, including sandy beaches, wooded parks, and even lucky local schools. Brunt has the skill to turn ordinary rocks into perfect mandala stones, fallen leaves beam in radiating spirals, and overlooked twigs turn into twisting illusions in his beautiful body of work.

As all artists do, he photographs each design once it is complete "to immortalise" his inherently temporary creations. He says he wants to capture "the dramatic point of balance". He describes this as "both poetically fragile to look at and yet deceptively solid due to the nature of the raw material."

That is, however, not the only hobby and talent Brunt has up his sleeve. Being a co-founder and leading "creative chap" of Responsible Fishing UK – a small arts organisation – he also experiments with other hands-on hobbies. He does domino toppling, large-scale beach drawings, and kid-friendly cardboard creations.

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