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Just when you think you've watched every reality show there is, another surprise is waiting for you.

This time though, the show is literally a reality competition that's out of this world.

Space Hero is a new reality series that offers contestants the chance to win a trip to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2023.

That's right, the winner will be seated between real NASA astronauts aboard the Space X Crew Dragon spaceship.

While the shows creators have already booked the winner's seat, Business Insider reports that NASA has confirmed that it is currently in discussions with Space Hero Inc – the creators of the show.

While the company creating the show is based in the United States, contestants from all over the world will be invited to enter.

Deadline reports that the winner will be chosen during a live broadcast episode, where viewers from different countries can vote for the contestant they want to see going to space.

The show will then pretty much be based around the winner's takeoff that will be recorded and broadcasted, as well as live streams of the winner's stay at the ISS alongside professional astronauts for 10 days.

You can only imagine the training the winner will have to go through before they will be allowed to take their seat on the Dragon spaceship. They will be surrounded by professional astronauts whose main aim of going to the ISS is to do important work on it.

So, what will the winner be doing while floating around in space with no WIFI?

It is believed that a special module will be added to the ISS by the time the winner is ready to embark on their trip in three years time.

Axiom Space is the company behind the world's first privately funded commercial space station, and the negotiator with the countries and agencies involved. It is also responsible for the module where private astronauts will reside while there.

We can't wait to start watching this show, here's holding thumbs that it will actually happen.

Watch the One Click video below for more on this new reality competition.

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