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A gadget created by the French company Seabike enables swimmers and divers to travel underwater at remarkably quick speeds. It functions as an underwater bicycle. The device, named after the company that designed it, is designed to be strapped around a swimmer's waist. The swimmer then pedals the propeller device at the end of the machine to propel themselves through the water.

The Seabike was made to be as portable and light as possible; it resembles an underwater unicycle more than a traditional bicycle. The gadget saves users valuable time because it doesn't require charging because of its mechanical drive. Users can swim with ease on the Seabike because of its full range of motion, even with its complicated operating mechanisms.

The Seabike website claims that learning to operate the device only takes five to ten minutes. The Seabike adapts to the user's preferred swimming or diving style, working in concert with them rather than against them. The gadget helps swimmers who wish to use their arms to propel themselves even more quickly. They will, however, find that they are easily propelled through the water if they choose to unwind and let the machine handle everything. 

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