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It's time for some off-road fun as we check out some 4x4 fails and wins!

It may not be everyone's cup of tea, for sure, but there is a massive portion of society who love to travel into the wilderness in a 4x4. For some, it's a traversing the African bush for weeks on an overland adventure. Other's prefer hitting the trails over the weekend in heavily modified off-road vehicles.

Regardless, though, some are more skilled drivers in better-prepared vehicles, and this leads to some terrific video footage. Some can successfully tackle an impassable track. Others will fail spectacularly trying to cross a river.

In the video below by YouTuber, Offroad Action, they showcase both sides of the 4x4 coin. It's mesmerising to watch.

There are custom vehicles in this video that are incredible, while others should probably be sent to the scrap heap. After seeing some of the roll-overs, flips and multitude of other fails, I bet many of them are.

However, watching a vehicle scale a near-vertical wall or dominate a muddy track that most humans couldn't traverse on foot, is rewarding all in itself.

So, whether you like to get down and dirty in a 4x4 or not, this video shows us thrills and spills that will have you in awe or tears of laughter. Go on, press play, it's worth it!

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