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The events that unfolded in this true-life drama could easily be the premise for a Hollywood thriller. Imagine being trapped in a sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean for three days? Shiver!

In 2013, Harrison Okene was a cook aboard a 12-man crew tugboat. They were part of a team of boats that were stabilising an oil tanker as it was refuelling at a platform in the Atlantic Ocean. 

And then, disaster struck as Okene's tugboat was hit by a rogue wave. "It was around 5am, and I was on the toilet when the vessel just started going down – the speed was so, so fast," said the Nigerian.

The vessel capsized in a matter of minutes, eventually settling upside-down on the ocean floor, 30m below the surface. Okene was thrown about as the tugboat filled with water. Miraculously, he found an air pocket holding enough oxygen for him to breathe.

For the next 60-plus hours, he would face hypothermia, hunger, carbon dioxide poisoning and large predators – in the dark – before being rescued by a team of South Africa rescue divers.

All 11 of his crewmates perished in the accident. Okene vowed never to return to the ocean, eventually getting himself work as a chef on terra firma.

To find out more about the incident and how Okene was safely brought to the surface, check out The Infographics Show video below. We've included a bonus video of the moment this lucky sailor was discovered during the rescue.

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