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Paris is renowned for its cuisine, fashion, art, and architecture. Long commutes and running errands are among the much more routine parts of city life for residents. You can do these by vehicle, bicycle, moped, or public transportation. According to a recent study and a report published in April 2024 by L'Institut Paris Région, commutes in Paris are becoming more environmentally friendly. The latest data shows that cyclists are now the majority on Parisian streets, outnumbering cars that emit emissions in urban environments. Government, businesses, and academics all wanted the research.

Paris is a busy city, especially when you take into account the larger Île-de-France metropolitan and suburban areas. There are 34.5 million trips made in this area from Monday through Friday. In the region, work-related travel accounts for about 39% of all trips, with 40% of individuals travelling within their communities and those nearby. GPS trackers were used by the researchers to monitor these trends. 3,337 Parisians between the ages of 16 and 80 volunteered to carry trackers as they travelled the area for seven days between October 2022 and April 2023. For those who support car-free cities and environmental causes, the resulting data was encouraging.

According to the data, people who live in the suburbs and are further away from their places of employment and public transportation still depend on their cars for transportation. However, the report points out that "[C]ycling clearly established itself in Paris" (with Parisians accounting for 30% of bicycle trips in Île-de-France). Bicycles are used more often than cars in Paris. It is believed that the increase in bicycle usage since data was gathered five years ago is a result of bike lanes being more widely available. Under the leadership of current mayor Anne Hidalgo, Paris has reduced parking, increased bike lanes, and removed cars from some city streets. Not only do fewer cars in cities benefit the environment overall, but they also contribute to improved air quality within the city (though cyclists should consider the current state of the air).

Recall that riding a bike is an exercise. Therefore, this has advantages for one's health as well. Europe's cities are thinking about ways to support cycling infrastructure in order to encourage this kind of transportation even more. 

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