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From electrical substations to ventilations shafts, did you know that some European cities have several fake buildings around the city that no one knows even exists? These are Paris' fake facades.

Those in the know, say that Paris have the most odd spaces and, because of strict city regulations, they are usually covered up to blend in with the rest of the city’s historical, and somewhat romantic, look.

The Tim Traveller went on a quest to find out why there are so many fake buildings in Paris and what’s the story behind them.

On 44 Rue d’Aboukir there’s a massive six-floor building façade covering up a ventilation shaft for the underground railway train that carries suburban travellers. When locals complained about the sight of the ventilation shaft and how it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the suburb, the transport company did an awesome job at covering it up.

In fact, the local transport company is used to covering up most of their ventilation shafts. In his video, The Tim Traveller shows you many fake facades hiding ventilation shafts behind them.

There’s even an electrical substation hidden behind one of these fake facades as well. Although, the design is so ugly and not typical Parisian at all, a lot of people are of the opinion that an electrical substation might have added more character to the suburb than the design in question.

And just like that, we’re questioning every closed door we see or window that we can’t look in to.

Check out The Tim Traveller’s video below for the fake buildings of Paris and how they have been covered up to look nice and stop the neighbours from complaining.

See if you can spot them before he shows you exactly where they are.

Image credit: Matador Network

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