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A bunch of tourists managed to get more than what the brochure promised when they witnessed a penguin narrowly escaping killer whales trying to eat it.

Travel blogger, Matt Kirsten and his wife Anna, were on one of the tourist boats in the Gerlache Strait in Antarctica.

Matt dunked his camera under water to capture the sights and sounds of the orcas as they were showing off. Two of the orcas were very interested in Matt’s camera and spent a lot of time in front of it.

That is until they spotted a lone penguin swimming in the nearby area. The two orcas immediately went after the penguin with the hopes of enjoying him as a snack.

The poor penguin swam his little heart out as the tourists cheered him on. As part of his attempt to get away from the two killer whales, the penguin tried to jump into one of the tourist boats. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful, and had to keep swimming while the two whales were still hunting him down.

Little Jimmy, as one of the tourists named him, gave it another go and, with the cheering crowds helping him on, he managed to successfully jump into the boat with the little help from one of the tourists.

With a whale snack on board, the tour guide obviously realised the danger they might be in and sped off with Jimmy on board as the whales started circling the boat.

It’s not clear what happened to Jimmy once they reached land, but he definitely lived to die another day.

Watch the Daily Mail video below to see Jimmy the penguin’s daring escape.

Image credit: The Independent 

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