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A penguin binge-watching a penguin cartoon while recuperating at a zoo – sounds normal, doesn’t it?

An endangered Northern rockhopper named Pierre is currently recuperating from a feather moulting problem at Perth Zoo in Australia.

The Evening Standard reports that the penguin was found washed up on a beach in Western Australia after swimming from islands in the Indian or South Atlantic Ocean.

Upon his arrival at Perth Zoo, the vet department found that he was experiencing feather moulting issues. This means his feathers are not waterproof.

Pierre is less than a year old and zookeepers fear that he might suffer from loneliness while in isolation. They have given him an iPad to watch Pingu – a claymation TV children's series featuring penguins, Wikipedia reports.

According to Business Insider, Pierre also gets to enjoy penguin documentaries and livestreams of rockhopper penguins at Kansas City Zoo in The US and Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland.

Teo, one of the zookeepers, said Pingu is on high rotation although he probably doesn't realise that he's watching other penguins on screen.

Binge-watching series while being fed and asked to take it easy, now that doesn't sound too bad at all.

Watch the Evening Standard below to see how Pierre is enjoying his recuperation period at Perth Zoo.

Image credits: Explica and The Hook

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