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Revealed: The great Nail Gun Trick by magicians Penn & Teller.

Penn & Teller worked their way from the bottom to the top, and now are one of the world's top magician acts. They started their act in the 1970s, which combines comedy with magic, at a few local American comedy clubs, but they quickly worked their way up and built a name for themselves, and now perform in world-class acts including the Royal Variety Performance.

This time, they reveal a trick that appears to have a real sense of danger, causing their audience to flinch with fear as they perform the great nail gun trick.

They explain how the trick works, or at least what they want their audience to believe how the trick works. They explain that they remember the sequence of actual nail fires and blanks, and therefore perform their act safely. The reality, though, is that the nail gun will only fire if the tip has a sufficient amount of pressure on it so when he fires at his hand, no nail will fire ever, which keeps the act completely safe, but the audience is left mesmerised at how Penn & Teller are able to remember such a random and long nail sequence.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Darth Yucko, on Penn & Teller: The Great Nail Gunn Trick.

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