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Gravity is the one thing we can rely on to remain constant on planet Earth. These people learn this lesson by failing, and we get a laugh at the same time.

What goes up must come down, as they say, so you would imagine that people would think things through before trying gravity-defying things. But, as we know, humans aren't as smart as they think. Which is great for the rest of us when we need a good laugh.

That's what makes this fail-video such a treat. Any time a group of people try crossing a river by walking along a slippery fallen tree, one of them will inevitably fall in. Thank you gravity, you're a star.

The same can be said for uncoordinated civilians trying to ride a mechanical bull. You know it's going to end in tears, and that's why people get their cameras out when their friends sign up for a ride.

It's not just about gravity in the video though. There are plenty of people failing at a host of other things. Like riding a bicycle, some people just shouldn't try it. Then there's the lady who's recording her masterpiece on a ukelele when her father interrupts her musical genius.

Other hilarious clips include people who don't understand how the slides in a children's playground work. Gravity plus velocity equals faceplant fail! Excellent! Chuck in a few kids and animals, and we have a well rounded fail video, so click play on the video below and laugh at other people failing.

Humanity needs to laugh at and with each other more, it'll make the world a better place.

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