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We have all tried to impress someone at some stage of our lives. Definitely your boss, your significant other or even your friends. We like to seem smart and to have people admire us but maybe we take it a bit far sometimes just simply trying out hardest to grapple with the English language.

Like this poor Spanish man who just had a bad head cold: "I used to tell everybody how badly constipated I was. ‘I have been constipated for the whole week’. I used to say it when I was in the UK. I did not know that the meaning of this word was quite different from ‘constipado’ in Spanish, which means ‘to have a cold’!"

Its always better to play it safe and pronounce things in your own strange way because over pronouncing things might actually make people giggle more than take you seriously. If you have found yourself on a situation like this, fear not! Nothing can be worse than the time we witnessed a Chinese person saying he is a 'fussy eater'. Pronouncing 'p' instead of 'f'.

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