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The cast and directors of Stranger Things have sent us on a roller coaster of emotions... I mean, what kind of cold-hearted person leaves their loving fans on the edge like that! Then they announced that there would be a third season in the pipeline... and now come the teasers.

They recently released a teaser that was an 80's commercial for a new shopping centre called Starcourt Mall complete with cheesy music and random cut-up videos. The only person we actually recognised from the cast was Steve Harrington who seems to now be working at an ice cream shop.

The teaser states that the new mall “opens next summer” – a possible hint that the show’s third season will be released in the summer of 2019. It seems that Steve's new job will be featured in the third season and he has gained a new friend named Robin (played by Maya Hawke), whose role has been described as a girl who wants to find some excitement in her dull life – at least before she finds one of Hawkins’ dark secrets. Of course, Steve would be sympathetic to the shock of coming across these secrets having just gotten involved in the "monster-slaying" scene.

Perhaps the friendship will blossom into a romance since Nancy isn't in the picture any more but it seems like a lot of major events will be taking place at the mall. The teaser didn't reveal whether Steve decided to stay in Hawkins and is now working at the ice cream shop full-–time or whether it is a summer job before he leaves for college.

With Stranger Things' 12 Emmy Award nominations, including its second bid for best drama series and supporting acting nominations for its actors, David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown, we are certain Stranger things 3 will not disappoint.

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