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A TikTok video recently went viral of an Amazon driver screaming as he drives away in his truck. The video prompted several comments, especially one saying, "Something is wrong in America".

The video was initially posted to TikTok by user Kristina Danielle Zagwyn and then reposted to Reddit's popular r/PublicFreakout page by u/prismacolorful. The caption on the TikTok video reads: "Tell me you had bad day without telling me you had a bad day #amazon #hopeheisok".

Zagwyn recorded the Amazon driver in his truck, screaming at the top of his lungs as he makes his way down the street, continuously saying "shit". She added that she and her husband "tried to help him but he wasn't having it". To keep viewers on their seats, she said there is actually more to the video and that she would post the update shortly.

Some viewers did point out how hilarious the video is, while others were more sympathetic to the driver's apparent distress. One TikTok user, a former UPS truck driver, sympathised, saying they felt the driver's pain. The guy said he "would routinely get to the end of my route, and find a package that was buried and I missed the drop. I get it."

Watch The Video Of The Delivery Man's Outrage Here.

"When being [overworked] and [underpaid] reaches a boiling point," another said. For some time now, the working conditions of Amazon employees have been under scrutiny. Especially in recent months, even prompting CEO Jeff Bezos to defend these conditions in a letter to shareholders in 2020.

"Probably the stress of being overworked for months finally catching up to the guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he was nearly done with his route when the Amazon hub called him and, 'asked' if he could deliver another 50 packages," a user wrote.

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