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Spain, Britain, and Germany were all part of the Roman Empire at the height of its dominance, which extended far beyond Italy. Even now, archaeologists continue to find traces of this strong civilisation, such as opulent mansions and vanished highways. A fortunate group of archaeologists in the Netherlands discovered a rare Roman glass bowl in excellent condition, despite the fact that the majority of these finds are found in broken fragments.

Excavated in Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands and a former Roman military camp, the 2,000-year-old artefact was discovered. After discovering the medium-sized bowl intact and without any chips or cracks, archaeologist Pepijn van de Geer and his colleagues concluded that it was "of Roman manufacture" and was probably created in a glass workshop in Germany or Italy. It also features a deep blue colour, with a ridged texture along the sides.

“Such dishes were made by allowing molten glass to cool and harden over a mould,”  Van de Geer tells the Dutch regional newspaper De Stentor. “The stripe pattern was drawn in when the glass mixture was still liquid. Metal oxide causes a blue colour.” In addition to the bowl, archaeologists uncovered other findings that shed light on Roman living, like homes, wells, everyday objects, jewels, and even graves.

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