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For many people, the thought of snuggling with a furry friend sounds like heaven. Even though dogs and cats are popular companions for cuddles, there are other animals that enjoy being hugged. Indulge in some "cow cuddle therapy" at the Krishna Cow Sanctuary on the Island of Hawai'i by cuddling these surprisingly docile and amiable creatures. 

You can get up close and personal with bulls, steers, calves, and retired mother cows at Krishna Cow Sanctuary; admission is $20. The owners of the sanctuary state that "all proceeds go directly to the care of the cows." We establish connections with nearby landowners and discuss the advantages of cow grazing. Our extended herd is currently enjoying year-round grazing on more than 130 acres of lush grass pasture. Our distinct method of cow protection enables us to consistently save new cows and offer excellent care while maintaining comparatively low costs. 

This ain't no regular petting zoo, as visitors' shared videos demonstrate. Cows engage in full-on hugs, contentedly nod off in guests' laps, and even exhibit some sadness during farewells. They appear to enjoy scratches, just like any other house pet, but their real happiness comes from using their long necks to hug and double as a pillow for people who are in need of a snuggle. 

The proprietors clearly state that they prioritise the comfort and well-being of the cows when they sell dairy products, which helps to fund the sanctuary. "Our 'Ahimsa' dairy products are produced without any cruelty to the cows and their calves, unlike commercial dairy products," the company writes. Only by hand is the milking of nursing mothers and their nursing calves performed. We constantly rescue new cows and never sell or kill any of our herd.

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