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The super playful and goofy dog, Dewey is a very expressive dog especially when it comes to playing. While water is definitely one of his favourite things to play with, he is a huge fan of all things snow. 

Sadie Swicker, Dewey’s family member, said “One time, he escaped our yard in the dead of winter, and my mom found him playing in the frozen river near our house.”

On one winter snowy days, Dewey’s family took him to a huge field completely covered in snow, where he could run around and play as much as he wanted. He was so excited and immediately started running around as fast as he possibly could. As Dewey excitedly ran around, Swicker thought it would be fun to try and capture the beautiful snowy white scenery. The snowy field seemed like a great candidate for a panorama shot,  until Dewey couldn’t contain his joy.

“If you've ever taken a panorama, you know that if a moving object goes through it, the object will look morphed and disfigured — sometimes it just looks weird, but sometimes it looks comical. This is what happened when Dewey ran through the photo.” 

The moment Dewey came into the shot, Swicker knew that the photo wasn’t going to come out quite as planned. However she wasn’t expecting it to come out so hilarious. 

“When I saw it, I had to do a double take. It literally looks like a Photoshopped two-legged, yellow snow animal — it was the most perfect panorama gone wrong.” 

Seeing just how hilarious and great the photo is, Swicker couldn’t keep it for herself and decided to share it online for everyone. 

“I had a suspicion it would get a lot of attention, but it got more than I anticipated. My favourite comments are ones like, ‘I was having a really bad day and this just made me laugh and smile.’ It's apparent that this wholesome, strange photograph of a dog has brought a lot of people some big laughter — and that makes me happy.”

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