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Nature and what it holds have always been a point on interest especially in the photography field.

Photographer Geert Weggen has a gift for getting the most out of his portrait subjects especially those who do not understand a word he says. Animals always come with a unique set of photographic challenges, but when it comes to Weggen, his squirrel portraits look effortless. 

Weggen uses several props such as tiny props including balloons, shopping carts, and even a makeshift bow and arrow to interact with the little furry friends and get the most interesting shots of the curious creatures. 

Shot with a Nikon 810, the adorable images reveal how charming squirrels are and showcases their curiosity and gregarious personalities.

It helps to have a lot of potential portrait subjects to be able to capture all these delightful adorable curious creatures in action. “There are about 12 red squirrels living in the forest close to my house. Many I do not recognize anymore.” At first the squirrels are wary of Weggen but they soon understand that he’s the one “providing the food”.

Weggen created a set up for his pictures with various of different objects that are appealing to the squirrels. “At the side of my house I made an outside studio. Half with a roof and the rest is open for the rain and snow. From my kitchen window, I can shoot [photos].” 

To be able to s arrange his scenes, hide the food, and inconspicuously snap pictures, he built a table in his studio that’s at eye level to make it easier for him to be able to set the scenes and snap pictures as he pleases. The location is key, too, for making it easy for the animals to approach.

 “The studio is directly connected with the forest and trees,” he says. “I hide a flash behind some scenes on a remote.”

Scroll down to see more adorable photos of the curious little squirrels. 

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