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Date: 2018-05-14

Video: Pole Dancing Squirrels? 2

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Who doesn't love a good, fuzzy video on a dull Monday morning? But what happens when a fuzzy little squirrel gets bamboozled?

There is no doubt that while very cute, squirrels are still scavengers and can cause issues, especially if you put out some bird seeds to attract the colourful, beautiful birds to your garden.

Since squirrels tend to help themselves to it, this mom decided to get creative and it went viral. She decided to grease up the pole so squirrels couldn't climb up to get to the bird feeder.

Of course, this ended in hours of laughter watching the poor things slide down the pole, completely confused as to why they are unable to climb. It seems that squirrels can also bamboozle humans by hiding in strategic places and jumping out when they least expect it.

It's pretty amazing to watch squirrels both fail and to see how intelligent they can actually be!

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