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Amateur bird photographer Kathrin Swoboda got her career-changing photo of a gorgeous black bird. Her stunning portrait photo stars a gorgeous blackbird in the middle of singing his tune. 

However what makes this photo more special than others is that Swoboda’s photo actually showcases his song—an element expertly captured by the strategic photographer. In March 2019, photographer Swoboda went out toward Huntley Meadows Park. This island in Virginia is one of the most favoured places by nature photographers due to its gorgeous wildlife-friendly wetlands. 

During her trip in Huntley Meadows Park, Swoboda hoped to photograph the male red-wing blackbird. This is a gorgeous robin-sized bird species which is typically known for its crimson shoulder markings and distinctive throaty song. “Specifically, I wanted to photograph their breath, which when expelled would condense in the cold air.”

During the search, she found a suitable and beautiful subject, a “quite vociferous” blackbird. The bird began “forming smoke rings with his spring song” while he was vigorously calling out for a potential mate. Swoboda was able to capture this stunning rare phenomenon due to both the chilly early morning temperatures and her strategic use of the morning sun as backlighting.  

Its not a secret that she took bird photography to the next level with her stunning images which also earned Swoboda the grand prize of this year's Audubon Photography Awards.

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