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Macro photographer Ole Bielfeldt of Macrofying became well known for his fascinating work of deep zooms into everyday objects. 

Each eye-opening image reveals the microscopic details of the world around us. So fascinated by the tiny worlds living right under our noses Ole is inspired to search of a new perspective in his photography. After experimenting with an old microscope he found in his attic, he began this series and decided to share his findings online. 

Soon after he began sharing his work with other, he found that millions of other people were just as fascinated as him.

In his latest photographs he takes a closer look at beach sand collected from a beach in Mallorca, Bielfeldt under the microscope. The sample displays various of colourful fragments of coral debris and shells. Not only did it reveal the magical colour of the ocean and shells but it also showed how the seemingly pristine beach sand’s natural elements are riddled with pollutants as well.

“As this image in particular shows, even if we might not notice our impact on the environment in our everyday life, there’s still a massive pollution happening. Only in this small sand sample, there’s already microplastic swimming around. And while this is only visible on the microscopic level, I try to share it with my photography, so that we don’t destroy this hidden beauty.”

Take a look at some more close ups of beach sand. 

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