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Lucy has always been a super social dog who loves to meet new people. She especially loves her family, although she and her brother took a little longer to connect. 

Lucy’s mom, Miranda Peterson explained, “My son is 5 years old and is nonverbal. He has autism spectrum disorder and was officially diagnosed a few months after we got Lucy. He did NOT like her for the first year of her life. I think it was too much of a change for him, and he didn't like her being in his personal space.”

Lucy did sense that her brother needed some more time to warm up to her. After some time the two found an activity that helped them bond. 

“A few months ago, my husband started to take our son on a daily walk after he finished his workday. My son LOVES being outdoors so he thoroughly enjoyed it. My husband brought Lucy along as well, and then it just became an everyday thing. No matter the weather, the three of them go on a walk. The daily outing helped my son bond with Lucy, so now he loves playing fetch with her, pouring her food in her bowl every day and occasionally he'll go and pet her.” 

Lucy loves spending time with her brother outside and even after some time started waiting for the school bus to drop her brother off every day. This was just another opportunity for Lucy to bond with her brother. That is actually how little Lucy came to meet the bus driver who she now makes sure to greet every day. 

“One day she ran inside the bus to follow her brother, and that's when she officially met the bus driver. Then every day he would come down a few steps from the bus for Lucy to go greet him.” 

Lucy’s daily routine includes walking her brother out to the bus in the morning and greeting his favourite bus driver, then waiting outside for the bus to come back after school, where she runs to greet her brother and then once again greet her favourite driver. It is her favourite part of the day. Lucy gets super excited to greet her new friend, almost as though she is also saying thanks for bringing her brother home.

“She is like a little alarm clock and lets me know when the bus is outside. She immediately starts whining and waits by the door. I always ask her to wait (because manners) until the bus driver helps my son get off, and as soon as I say, ‘OK,’ she runs to him for a quick pet then runs back to me as if she's telling me, ‘Mom! He's here! It’s really him!’ Then she goes back for longer pets.”

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