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Portugal's unique geographical position allows it to benefit from renewable energies. It has over a thousand kilometres of coastline and over 300 days of sunshine per year, although storms can occur on cloudy days. This simple combination allowed Portugal to run 100% on renewable energy for six consecutive days, raising hope for the future.

On October 27, Redes Energéticas Nacionais, the country's largest energy company, announced that wind and waves produce all of Portugal's electricity. We expected it to last a day, but the incident lasted five days. At times, clean energy production was so high that the Portuguese grid exported electricity to neighbouring Spain. "The oil plant is on standby to provide electricity when needed. It's not because of the storm. "It's raining a lot," Hugo Costa, head of Portugal at EDP Renewables, told Canary Media.

“And with costs reduced to zero, we have created a positive impact on customers.” For a country of 10 million inhabitants, using renewable energy is a very good thing. In total, 149 hours of renewable energy production were achieved. During 95 of these periods, Portugal exported energy to the Spanish grid. This is based on the previous performance from March 2023, when renewable energy produced 103% of total energy consumption. This also ensures that the power grid is now stable enough to use both conventional and clean energy.

"I think the main conclusion is that this shows that the Portuguese grid has a large share of renewable energy and is prepared for the expected changes. We are capable of handling both the rapid production of hydroelectric and wind energy and the rapid production of energy. Miguel Prado, an energy journalist from Portugal, told Canary Media: Portugal has committed to achieving a target of zero carbon emissions by 2050. To move closer to its goal, the country is now looking to take steps such as investing in lost wind farms in the Southern Ocean. With any luck, the six-day record will be broken repeatedly in the years to come and one day, clean energy will become the norm.

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