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The start of a new semester at school is often filled with tons of new names, important assignments, and tedious details for students and staff alike to keep in mind. However, one university professor likes to start classes lightly. To help her remember her students' names, Dr. Marie-Amelie George began asking her students to send her pictures of cute puppies doing their course homework.

And not only did her students not disappoint, but people on the internet also started sending in funny pictures of their adorable pets working hard, too.

“I probably now have a collection of maybe 60 dogs,” says the creative professor. “Some are at the computer. Some are reading…I do see—slightly fewer—but some cats, and I have a great picture of a hermit crab who is studying hard as well.”

Photos from outside the class began to arrive as Dr. George light-heartedly shared his assignment on Twitter. Then followed a delightful and hilarious chain involving industrious puppies, cats, and even turtles. However, not all pets are so dedicated to learning. In the humorous dog photos, there is actually a puppy taking a nap while doing homework, and a naughty puppy is even playing a video game instead. But whether they work hard or rarely, these adorable pets  look pretty cute.

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