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A very melodious cockatiel named Yoki from the Skyland Friendly Pack has a beautiful operatic voice and I used to practice the vocal scales up and down while sitting on the edge of a chair and grooming myself. The smart bird seemed to gradually increase the pitch of her voice, as professional singers do. Who could have known that parrots love opera so much?

“Yoki the Cockatiel, like many, can be overly dramatic when he clears his crop. We decided it would be fun to sing ‘Opera’ over his dramatic crop clearing to create this entertaining ‘singing’ bird video.”

As a result, Yoki is an attractive impersonator who can say a  different response than many other characters.

“Yoki is always entertaining us with new sounds! I could listen to his sweet voice all day long. In this video you will hear him making his ‘dabbing’ sounds, ‘oinking’ like a pig, and singing his version of ‘The Pink Panther Theme Song’, Gotta love this boy!

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