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Every graphic design student knows that the skill sometimes contains more questions than answers. This range of question varies from the technical queries, like how to use Photoshop, to existential crises that force you to consider your entire creative practice. Mitch Goldstein, assistant professor of design at the Rochester Institute of Technology,  channeled the uncertainty and anxiety of being a designer into a series of amusing Venn diagrams aptly named "Helpful Diagrams."

Complex designs are easy to execute yet offer brilliant wit. Goldstein's pictorial reflections and wise advice, composed in a few colours and a few words,  are not only useful for students, but also interesting for his career as a designer. Whether you're new to  the industry or have been in it for years, know that you're not the only one with a hoard of typefaces, a love-hate relationship with Adobe, and a drive to design what you love. 

 Check out Goldstein's wisdom in the chart below.

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