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 Initialisms, also known as abbreviations for letters, are widespread on the Internet. However, it is not always  the most accurate. Otherwise, in the early 2010s, thousands of people actually rolled on the floor and laughed hysterically. You don't have to follow the internet slang used for the letter T, but funny inventor Brian Moore plans to change that.

Moore  created the LOL Verifier, a device that can tell you're laughing only if you're actually laughing out loud. A small plastic device next to a computer keyboard that sees what you type and verifies that you are being honest. Just type "LOL" and  LOL Verifier  will automatically add a  note to your post and  you can continue. If not, replace deceptive acronyms with alternate phrases that get the point across, such as "It's funny."

This little device is carefully crafted from plastic, silicon, a microcontroller, and LEDs that glow green or red depending on whether you've burst out laughing. Moore recorded over 100 different laughs for the machine learning algorithm, providing a perfect basis for determining whether Moore was laughing or not. So while your device might not be able to accurately detect the laughter of other users, it's still a great prank that gives TikTok users a lot of fun. With nearly a million views and over 100,000 likes, his wacky gadget seems to have a consumer base.

Moore describes the intent of his invention as "to bring authenticity to the least real place: the Internet." He also teased his next big concept, the LMAO validator. Hopefully it won't hit the market anytime soon.
Watch the video of the interesting device here on TikTok

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