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NASA's HiRISE Mars Orbiter has become an invaluable tool in space exploration. The camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been taking detailed images since 2006. Last year she photographed a dune-filled crater that is classified as Mars longitude zero. As he continues to document the Red Planet's key geographic features, he stumbles upon some interesting and entertaining formations. In December 2022, HiRISE filmed a truly remarkable discovery. On the surface of Mars, it looks like a bear's face.

However, this striking similarity is not an isolated formation. This  is a  group of oddly positioned natural land masses. The outline of the bear's head is a circular fissure, and the eyes are two double craters. Its most notable feature, the nose, is described  by the University of Arizona as a "V-shaped collapsing structure." The HiRISE team suggests that "the circular patterns of fissures may be related to sediment deposition over  buried impact craters." "Maybe the nose is a volcano or a mud hole and the sediment is a lava or mud flow?"

The images were released in late January 2023 and soon captured the public imagination. While our familiarity with cartoon teddy bears makes their resemblance striking, the HiRISE team notes that some people thought teddy bears resembled chickens. Meanwhile, one Twitter user noticed that he looked more like an Angry Birds character.

This isn't the first strange formation discovered on Mars. In May 2022, NASA's  Curiosity rover photographed a mysterious "alien portal," a moon-like structure that was revealed to have two fissures in the rock. Given the possibility that Mars could have had the conditions for life, these optical illusions always dream of more than just curious visions of the Martian surface.

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