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Date: 2018-10-01

Japan has always been an example to follow for the rest of the world when it comes to development, innovation, and service.

Whenever you find yourself in Japan it has something that you probably you have never seen before to amaze you with.

Indoor water parks, unattended grocery stores, baby chairs in women's toilets, robot hotel staff, vending machines for almost everything and you can even buy ice-cream in a fish-shaped cone!

Japan is all about convenience, one of my favourite innovations they have come up with is multi-level rotary automated parking because Japan is so crowded. the Japanese started stretching out to above and beyond the ground level to find new spaces to fulfil their needs. This can be seen in massive skyscrapers as well as in parking systems which in Japan tend to be as automated and space saving as possible. From underground bike parking to towers rotating your car up to their highest point, Japanese parking systems are definitely not only interesting for countries with small space, they really are a super clever idea you could use at your own home.

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